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The Internet Web site is the greatest marketingtool in the history of mass communications. When coupled with the current technologies available to you for Web site promotion you have an extremely powerful marketing tool.

I'm including a few article's that I think will help you make a more informed decision on what you want your Business Web site to accomplish.

Your Web site is an important part of your business.

Make sure you treat it as such.

Search Engine Ranking

High search engine rankings continue to be the most effective ways to bring quality, targeted traffic to your Web site. DWP can help you significantly increase your rankings in the major search engines by following a process that gets results every time.

Choosing the correct keywords for your business is a vital step in the search engine marketing process. Determining the best keywords for your business and including them throughout your site content increases your 'search engine visibility'. Simple content and structure will make your site more 'search engine friendly'. See Article on
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'Click Fraud'

'The newest threat to doing business on the Internet'

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Tampa Pallet.com

L & M Pallets.com

AAA Pallets Reels.com
AAA-Affordable Pallets Inc. in Tampa Florida buys, sells and refurbishes wooden pallets and reels.

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