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I use a five (5) step process to plan, design, and produce your Business Website.

1. Initial Meeting

The initial meeting will take place at your location at a time convenient for you. This meeting is free of charge and holds absolutely no obligation or commitment on your part. It is simply a chance to get acquainted and for me to get a clear idea of what goals you have set for your business website. We will exchange information and express ideas. I will try to answer any questions and concerns you may have.

We will review any content you want included and the overall business image you want to present. I will provide you with as much information as I can for you to make an informed decision on whether Dynamic Web Promotions will produce your Business Web site.

2. Second Meeting

At the second meeting we will get down to specifics. We will review and approve the content you have prepared and any graphic content I have prepared. We will go over the design specifics which will include page layouts, color schemes, fonts, site navigation and usability issues, the size of the site, accessibility concerns and the overall professional appearance of your unique Business Website. We will focus on your goals and expectations for this exciting project.

3. Signing of Contracts.

DynamicWebPromotions will prepare a Standard Contract that will include a detailed description of your planned Website. We will specify the time expected to complete each step and a description of the work to be performed. The Scope of Work will detail exactly what is included and what is not included in your contract. A Cost Agreement will be signed and a good faith deposit of one third of the design and production charges will be due and payable at this time.

4. Project Updates

Page layouts and visual designs will be worked up and your site will quickly begin to take shape. Your website's main page will be designed first and presented for your approval. Your input is strongly encouraged throughout the initial design process and will be used to achieve the personal and professional appearance you are looking for.

5. Final Testing and Site Launch

In the final stage your website content will be proofread and tested for cross browser compatibility and viewing correctness on all of the major browsers. The site navigation will be throughly tested to make sure your viewers will have a simple and pleasant user experience while they are visiting your business website.

You can view your Website on-line from my secure client area throughout the testing and development stages. We will make any minor changes or corrections you feel are necessary for a successful launch. Your e-mail accounts and interactive forms will be activated and tested.

Congratulations ! You are now on-line and your business web site is 'officially launched'. Any remaining balance for this project is due at this time.

Website Promotion

After your business website is launched the important promotional stage begins.

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